Premature Ejaculation Sprays

Premature Ejaculation Sprays: Do They Work?

Premature ejaculation (PE) spray is a topical product created to help delay orgasm. Delay or PE sprays contain desensitizing ingredients such as benzocaine, lidocaine, or Promescent that serve to dull sensation in the penis so that men can last longer during sexual intercourse.

While these products may appear appealing for those who suffer from subjective PE – at least three out of four use occasions with their partner – do they really work?

What are premature ejaculation sprays and do they work?

First, not all delay sprays are the same; some contain benzocaine and lidocaine – topical anesthetics for decreasing sensation in the skin. These ingredients block nerve signals from carrying sexual stimulation to their brain, which can slow ejaculation down significantly but won’t eliminate it completely.

How does a premature ejaculation spray work?

According to product manufacturers, these products addressed safety concerns about using local anesthetic on sensitive areas. Many delay sprays are designed to be applied directly to the penis shaft and glans, producing a slight numbing effect within minutes. This can help prolong sexual intercourse for those with PE or erectile dysfunction (ED).

So how do you use delay spray?

Delay spray typically comes in small bottles containing enough product for three-to-five uses per bottle; users should start by spraying two-to-three pumps of this solution onto their genital region – not all over it! Users may need more than one spray depending on your sensitivity level. It is important that after using any topical anesthetic to wait a few minutes before engaging in sexual activity – or using oral sex. This is because the active ingredients need time to fully absorb into their skin and take effect, otherwise there may be an excess spray left on your partner’s genitals that can cause skin irritation upon contact.

Which premature ejaculation sprays are best?

Generally speaking, benzocaine-based delay sprays tend to work faster than lidocaine based products like Promescent Delay Spray as they have fewer particles per volume making them easier for the body to use quickly when necessary. However, this does not mean one type is better than the other. It all depends on your level of sensitivity and desired effect, as well as whether or not you have any allergies to particular ingredients.

Are there any safety concerns when using premature ejaculation sprays?

While most delay sprays are considered safe for use by adults 18+, it’s always important to consult with a doctor before trying them out in order to make sure they don’t interfere with current medications one might be taking. Similarly, those who suffer from sensitive skin should avoid such products altogether due to their potential risk of allergic reaction – including increased itching/swelling, redness and rashes – which could be exacerbated further if used in combination with latex condoms.

How long does a premature ejaculation spray last?

Generally speaking, most delay sprays will start to wear off after about 30 minutes or less depending on the brand/formula being used as well as how much was applied; there are usually no lasting effects beyond that point. However, it’s important to note that not all brands have been tested for safety so individuals should consult product labels carefully before applying any PE-related products.

Finally, those suffering from lifelong premature ejaculation might find that using a delay spray isn’t enough to treat their condition, as some may need other forms of therapy such as pelvic floor muscle exercises or even generic Cialis. That being said, these sprays can provide relief in the short-term and serve to prolong sexual intercourse for those who are looking for ways to control ejaculation naturally.

Key Take Aways

Premature Ejaculation (PE) sprays have become increasingly popular over recent years with many brands claiming they can help men last longer during sex. However it is important not all delay products will work equally well; benzocaine based sprays may work faster than lidocaine-based products.

Moreover, not all delay sprays have been tested for safety so individuals should consult product labels carefully before using any PE related product.

When used correctly and in the right doses promescent Delay spray can help men with lifelong premature ejaculation to last longer during sexual intercourse or increase sensitivity to enhance a more pleasurable experience without needing excess amounts of medication or other forms of treatment such as pelvic floor muscle exercises.