Can Premature Ejaculation Pills Help You Last Longer In Bed?

When many guys first realize they have a problem with premature ejaculation they will get on the internet and start looking for a solution. One of the first proposed solutions you are likely to come across is a premature ejaculation pill consisting of natural extract that it is claimed will help you maintain control over your ejaculation during intercourse. But do these premature ejaculation pills actually work? Let’s find out.

More Effective Alternatives?

Before we take a look at the various types and brands of pills you should be aware that there are alternative ways to treat premature ejaculation that tend to have better long-term results.

Specifically, a premature ejaculation training program that teaches you to develop control naturally through a series of exercises and tactics. By far the best of these is Mike Anderson’s recently released Beyond Delay program which has been producing outstanding results since its release. If you try using PE tablets we recommend that you also give this guide a go as well. On his website, Mike goes into a great deal of detail about how his program works and what it covers.

Not All Pills Are Equal

Ok, now let’s get back to looking at and reviewing the range of premature ejaculation pills available for men.

While many of the companies selling premature ejaculation pills tend to make a number of exaggerated claims as to the results they deliver, it does appear that for at least some men an increase in lasting time and sexual control is attained.

The only true way to know how you will respond to these tablets is to try them yourself and gauge the results. Luckily most companies selling premature ejaculation pills offer a refund on the purchase if you are not satisfied so it is relatively easy and risk-free to give them a try.

Below are the 2 most effective pills for PE and we recommend that you make your choice from these three brands as many other products marketed are of lesser quality and have been reported to not honor the refund policies listed on their sites.

Delay Premature Ejaculation Pills

Delay is a very popular choice for men looking to last longer in bed and has earned itself a great reputation from users and industry experts alike. formulated by a group of pharmaceutical scientists, nutritionists, and relationship and sexual health professionals, Delay premature ejaculation pills are probably the most popular tablets on the market having been successfully used by thousands of men. They are priced quite reasonably and offer a full refund on all purchases.

You can check out the Delay site here


ProSolution+ is another great choice. It’s a premium product and is more expensive than some of the standard pills, but has a much more potent mix of active ingredients than all the other pills we have looked at. If you are serious about stopping your premature ejaculation and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for a top-notch product then this will be the choice for you.

Here’s the ProSolution+ site.

A Combo Method

If you are really serious about giving yourself the best chance of stopping premature ejaculation it may be best to try a combination of premature ejaculation pills while at the same time completing a premature ejaculation program such as the Beyond Delay system discussed above. After all, the more methods you try the quicker you will find the treatment method that will work for you.

For a more detailed look at premature ejaculation pills, what’s in them, and how they stack up as a premature ejaculation treatment check out Dan Becket’s rundown on this treatment method